PPSH-41 Kit (STALIN - ZIS) WW2 Gen 1 Design

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All kits are hand sorted and expertly inspected to ensure both upper and lower sections and all parts are Stalin (ZIS) Mfg and were not mix-macthed during soviet arsenal refinishing. Approx 1 in 15 kits we sort are Flat top (ZIS) Stalin made.


-Flat top lower receiver
-2 part barrel/ pivot pin
-circle 3 stamp
-soviet sling
-Intact roll marks/date  (100%) guarantee
-WW2 combat used
-Stalin (ZIS) made Drum included ( We will modify to your states requirements via a steel pin welded to prevent high compacity at NO COST )


Lets talk about the flat top lower!

The "Flat top" lower has a solid "nose" at the bottom that makes an elegant sweep up into the upper receiver which curves in style again into the shroud. (the molot has a 110 degree angle to the joint) compare the two and you cant unsee it. Another identifying feature to the Stalin is the absence of a hole in the bottom of the trunnion. The Term "Flat Top" comes from its fit to the upper receiver. It sits straight and flush, from the barrel Pin to the rear of the receiver is a straight, flat line. it only disappears when it curves around the barrel/pivot pin and disappears into the curve of the "nose"

-Its important to highlight the fact that this Gen 1 design is the poster boy for Soviet WW2 photos. Every patriotic photo taken by the soviets you commonly have seen was a "flat top" Gen 1 PPSH-41. NOT a Gen 2 "winged" lower. ( No one fought in Stalingrad, Moscow or Kursk with a "winged" lower It was made AFTER)

The Stalin (ZIS) made PPSH-41 is undoubtedly the finest and one of the most collectable variants of the PPSH-41 production line up during the second world war. Its Gen 1 manufacturing method results in sleek lines and elegant curves to its upper and lower receiver. by late 1943 the need to manufacture "strengthened", multi part spot-welded lowers and gen 2 upper receiver trunnions that were more efficient/ timely to manufacture would see this beauty phased out . However.......

The Moscow Automotive Factory Zavod imeni Stalin (ZIS). Continued to make and contract PPSH-41s parts in the original Gen 1 style until the end of the war (even still producing Gen 1 drum mags). The ZIS factory symbol was a Cyrillic character that looks like a number ‘3’, which represents the Roman letter ‘Z’. That circle 3 stamping is found on every Stalin kit. On the shroud and on your Stalin made drum mag.

Stalin himself would often walk the lines inspecting his arsenals with a genuine interest in the deeper workings of the manufacturing . After all, this was HIS factory. The metal finish on these were very rough due to minimal metal finishing mixed with less than optimal heat levels when bending steel (this is NOT sheet metal). Unlike a shiny molot made gun these were dark and matte. It is notable they are much more scratch resistant vs a blued molot finish. They are not pretty, they are built to fight!

If you are looking for a top of the line PPSH-41 kit for restoration look no further. THIS IS IT