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WW2 dated PPSH-41 kits made by MOLOT. All in beautiful condition with. Each kit was expertly hand inspected to ensure the upper and lower portions are all MOLOT mfg and was not mix-matched during soviet arsenal refinishment.

Molot made PPSH-41s from late 43 until 1945 all have unique characteristics/designs to the construction of the parts referred to as GEN 2. The Molot Mfg process would become the gold standard in terms of speed and cost of production through multi stamped parts and spot welds. 90% of all kits examined end up being Molot made (They were the largest manufacturer during WW2) .

Ultimately every copy of the PPSH-41 used by neighboring countries post WW2 would use these production methods/features in the production of domestic made PPSH-41s.

Scroll through the photos for a crash course in the wartime MOLOT PPSH-41 variant.


- Soviet sling included

- Molot drum mag included (we will modify for your state's capacity requirements via a steel pin welded to stop hi capacity function at no cost)

- Winged lower

- Multi part construction to the "nose" of the lower

- Hole drilled through the bottom of the trunnion

- Shield and star stamp (very easily replicated)

- 1943 (late)- 1945