Soviet 9M14 Malyutka/Crate + Soviet Documents (INERT)

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Yes you read that right we have genuine Soviet 1970s era (INERT) 9M14 Malyutka's.

These markings signify the P1 variant which was  the 2nd variant made in the (P) series that featured an improved warhead 520 mm versus RHA with a stand off probe for improved capability against ERA (explosive reactive armor). Guided by Semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) is a method of missile command guidance. In SACLOS, the operator has to continually point a sighting device at the target while the missile is in flight. Electronics in the sighting device and/or the missile then guide it to the target.

Look at those documents!

Each box contains a side box which holds its documentation through its life in CCCP controlled eastern europe. one wonderful aspect to these is the matching serial numbers on both the documents and the display.


peel back the original plastic seal to view one beautiful inert soviet 9M14. Pull out the pins and unlatch the steel clamps to reveal the mighty P1 Soviet Anti Armor system. HIGHLY feared for its ability to penetrate 20+ inches of RHA (Armor). Extend its fins to appreciate the size and quality in all aspects. Use the factory fin release tabs to fold shut and clamp back in the box for storage. 

*photos show both sides of box* lid has a triangle 33 on the top and data/instructions tag on the inside.

All in all a great piece for any collection from man-cave to museum. With our Gallo Inc shipping policy it is still 20 dollars flat rate shipping. Get em while they last!


These are INERT displays used for training and educational purposes only. These cannot be activated nor are they intended to activate or have the ability to. They have a proper INERT symbol on the "back" of the display that can be seen when removed from the case.