M-84 PKM w/ Barrel + FREE 80% receiver

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Zastava made M-84 PKM kit from Republika Srpska. Excellent condition pulled from government storage from the end of the Yugoslav wars. Of all PKM variants the M-84 has a unique appearance unlike its cousins in neighboring countries. A solid wood stock and long flash hider are the most notable but for those who collect this type of system they find value in the quality and craftsmanship of Zastava made PKM's above all else. 

firing the very capable 7.62x54r the PKM has considerable range and accuracy built into a relatively lightweight portable MG. Argued to be the best general purpose MG in the world with extreme reliability being reported on all fronts, we cannot reasonably expect to see these again. Most went to Ukraine but simply put, they were bought as "new" before the Ukraine war at a price that cannot be matched today by arsenals and MOD offerings. This is it.


The kits themselves were demiled by a specialist team sent into the region where they expertly removed all rails, mounts, rivets and parts. This undertaking resulted in 100% success when saving hard to replicate inner rails and weapon components.torch cut to BATF specs the DESTROYED receiver sections are present. The non FFL "80%" included is an unfinished bent blank. *Some* of the work has been completed but it is not to the stage of completion of an 80% AKM receiver commonly sold. Genuine gunsmithing WILL be required for a build and we recommend taking this to an AK professional for a consultation. (*PLEASE NOTE WE WILL HAVE COMPLETED SEMI PKM RECEIVERS IN A FEW MONTHS FOR SALE*)


The barrel included is made by a top of the line DOD contractor specializing in PKM parts and in-house PKM barrel production. Blued finish with gas port and FSB pin channels already drilled. This is as good as it gets!


************ CORRECTION 8/14/2022- BARREL IS NITRIDED*********

-Past August 24th we will not be able to include the "80%" receiver 

- FREE shipping  



 *Please note this is not a live weapon nor does it have the capability to fire a projectile in its current state. The image above is a mock representation of the parts kit assembled with common glue, tape and parts tension that allows us to photograph the product. best described as a "display". All orders will receive the parts kit shown in highly wrapped individual parts.